Diana Mukalel


Diana Mukalel


Diana Mukalel joined Levine & Co. as a Realtor in 2017. At the firm, she aims to help clients as a trusted partner, giving crucial attention to detail that helps deals close smoothly and quickly. Diana previously spent five years opening and managing a pharmacy from the ground up, where she learned the importance of caring for people, working meticulously, being detail-oriented, and serving clients promptly.

Diana was born in India and immigrated to the U.S. at age 9 when the family settled in Houston. As a young child, she remembers her parents making preparations to provide her and her brother an opportunity to live the American dream. As a result, she grew up identifying strongly with the value of a solid work ethic.

Diana applied these ideals consistently in her pharmacy work, and she is proud to bring the same goals to her work as a Realtor. As the only supervisor managing her pharmacy, it was up to Diana to learn the ins and outs of running the business, while researching creative, innovative solutions to increase patient and doctor satisfaction. She learned that having a soft heart for people while sticking to goals was the right combination for both her business and her personality.

Diana chose real estate as a second career so she could use these skills for a broader client base while still supporting her family. She enjoys devoting her valuable time and energy in service of her clients, since she can deliver results while ensuring they don’t waste any of their own. Diana prides herself on providing individual care and consideration to each client as a person (not a transaction), and she loves that Levine & Co.’s family-oriented atmosphere encourages these connections. “All the agents have each other’s back,” she says, “and it’s easy to assist clients with one-on-one service from our managing broker.”

With her family, Diana loves to watch movies, eat out, and attend social events where she can help spread some cheer with goofy jokes. In addition to having her real estate license, Diana is also a Registered Pharmacist with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. She holds degrees from the University of Houston and the Texas Tech Health Science Center School of Pharmacy.

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