Mike Brady


Mike Brady


Michael Brady comes to Levine & Co. as a Realtor after a diverse career in ministry, education, and human resources. In over 25 years as a servant leader in these roles, Mike has developed a nuanced perspective on how life situations affect people differently. His skill in recognizing these differences and treating others with compassion — no matter their circumstances — give him an edge in real estate, as he works with clients to realize their dreams of home ownership.

As an HR professional, Mike focused on helping make the lives of employees better by fostering the right relationships. Now, he’s excited to bring the same skill set to Levine & Co. as he builds trusted relationships that help his clients pursue their goals. He enjoys the firm’s sense of camaraderie among its agents, and is proud to be part of a team that works to improve people’s lives while treating them as individuals.

Mike lives in Seabrook with his wife Natalie and son Sean-Michael, along with seven rescue Basset Hounds named after characters in the movie Grease. A native of Sulphur, Louisiana, Mike is a huge LSU fan who follows college football and baseball while rooting for the SEC. He loves traveling, old movies, and classic radio shows like The Shadow.

In addition, Mike is a classically trained musician who loves listening to music in his spare time and performing when he has the chance, including singing with the Bay Area Chorus of Houston. He has an M.Ed. from Northeast Louisiana University and an M.Div. from Newburgh Theological Seminary. He is an active member of St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church Nassau Bay, as well as All Saints Episcopal Church in Hitchcock, where he serves as a ministry intern. In 2019, Mike will be ordained as a priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

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